Your Eye/Health History

Your Exam, Step 3: How May We Help You?

Next, you are escorted to an exam room where Dr. Silverblatt, or an exam technician, will visit with you about your eye history, medications you are taking, family eye history, and more. This allows us to find out what your visual needs are and how we can best help you.  Perhaps specialized glasses for computers or work are needed.  Maybe contact lenses will serve you the best.  We can even recommend vision corrective procedures (like LASIK). If corrective procedures apply to you, we will discuss this with you at length. All of this is crucial to precisely managing your eye health, visual prescription, and visual needs.

Once we have gathered all of your case history, your vision will be checked by having you read randomized letters on an LCD monitor.  Other visual skills including pupillary reflexes, motility, eye teaming, etc. will be measured.  After this, you will be shown the inside of your eyes, as seen on the OptomapĀ®! Click here for Step 4: of your exam….

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