Our professional team strives to offer patients the most advanced eye care services. Your Shreveport optometrist, Dr. Sam Silverblatt provide patients with the latest in comprehensive eye care. 

Shreveport Eye Care

Automated Eye Exam

During an eye exam, we perform a thorough evaluation of each patients’ visual acuity, eye function, and eye health. Using our automated, computerized system, patients enjoy quicker, more comfortable, and more accurate eye exams. Our computerized eye examinations allow for more exact eyeglass prescriptions, and as a result, our patients can see more clearly.

Optomap Retinal Exam

We also offer Optomap Retinal Exams, which allow our optometrists to evaluate the health of a patient’s retina without the need to dilate the eyes. Through the exam, we are able to diagnose conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, retinal detachment and tears, and hypertension through close examination of the retina. 

Treatment of Eye Conditions

Our office provides services to treat a wide range of eye conditions including corneal transplant, astigmatism treatment, removal of foreign substances or objects, removal and treatment for irritating eyelashes, macular degeneration treatment, glaucoma treatment, and more.

Surgical Referral

We provide surgical referrals for procedures to treat cataracts, glaucoma, and eyelid problems. We also give referrals for Lasik surgery and can provide pre and post-operation evaluations and examinations.

Pharmaceutical Care

We provide patients with pharmaceutical treatment when necessary for conditions like pink eye, glaucoma, dry eye, and allergies. We also offer solutions to help promote eye lash growth.

Exclusive Eyewear

We believe it’s about seeing and being seen. At our exclusive eyewear boutique, Styleyes, patients can choose frames from an extensive selection of designer brands. Our optician is available to assist patients in selecting the best frames to complement their features while meeting all of their eye care needs. In addition to eyeglasses, we also offer a wide variety of sunglasses specially designed for sports, fishing, golf, and more. 

Contact Lenses

We perform contact evaluations to determine whether contact lenses are the right choice for each patient. During a contact lens evaluation, optometrists assess eye health and take measurements for a comfortable fit. We offer a variety of contact lenses including hard to fit lenses for conditions like astigmatism and cosmetic lenses. 

Hygiene and Nutrition

Taking proper care of your eyes and providing your body with the right nutrition will help you achieve optimal eye health. We provide eye hygiene training, especially important for contact lens wearers, and nutritional supplements designed specifically for eye health. Be sure to ask us about how you can improve your eye health with nutrition and hygiene. 

“Wonderful experience. Staff is fabulous and very helpful. No waiting in a lobby for a while, like some other places I went to. They immediately come to help you. Also prompt order of glasses as well. Highly recommended!

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