Children’s Glasses

One of the keys to success in school is for your child to have a clear view of the blackboard as well as when reading textbooks and tests. If contact lenses are not practical for your child and glasses are needed to correct vision, it’s important to go to an optometrist in Shreveport that you know you can depend on. The team at Silverblatt Eye Clinic has years of experience providing the optometry services that are needed before eyeglasses can be prescribed.

Children’s Glasses From Your Shreveport Optometrist

Strong and Sturdy Eyeglasses From Your Preferred Pediatric Eye Doctor

Growing children must remain safe while playing outside, which means that those who need eyeglasses for tasks ranging from reading to seeing distant objects must get glasses that that can stand up to all of their rigorous activities.

Keep in mind that when your child is playing outside, you must provide protection against the harsh ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. This is why we are proud to offer UV protection for children’s glasses. To give you greater peace of mind, we offer a range of eyeglass brands that are durable, withstanding impacts as your young one plays and engages in organized sports.

Having the right prescription is essential for a maintaining a good academic record. If your child cannot see clearly, this means the prescription needs to be updated. Yearly tests are best to make sure the right lenses are in place to improve the child’s eyesight.

Our Expert Optometry Staff Will Help in Selecting Children’s’ Glasses

We know that you may have limited time to spare, which is why we will go out of our way to set an appointment that is the most convenient for your schedule. Since children may not have much experience in picking out glasses, you should know that you can rely on our team of optometry professionals to quickly help you select the best eyeglasses for your child.

This ensures that when your kid requires glasses for reading assignments at school, he or she will have a clear view, going forward. Vision correction with glasses means there will be no problems in absorbing the material that must be learned.

Of course, we offer a range of brands and styles so your child will find the perfect frames to complement the shape of his or her face.

Make an Appointment for an Exam and New Childrens’ Eyeglasses Today

Whether it’s the beginning of a new school year and you want to make sure your child’s prescription is up-to-date or any time of the year when vision must be tested for new glasses, you can depend on us to conduct the eye test in a warm and caring environment. 

We would also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the suitability of contact lenses for your child.

To learn more about the children’s glasses that we carry or to make an appointment with the eye doctor for a pediatric eye test and new eyeglasses in Shreveport, please connect with Silverblatt Eye Clinic today.

Book a free consultation today.

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