Contact Lens Exams

Contact lenses have come a long way, evolving from the uncomfortable glass-based lenses of the 19th Century to today’s lightweight, comfortable vision correction options. But as convenient as modern contact lenses are, they’re still not a “one size fits all” proposition. To ensure that you get the right lenses for your particular eyes, lifestyle, and prescription, you’ll need a thorough, skillfully-administered contact lens exam. Our optometrist, Dr. Sam Silverblatt, can provide Shreveport and Bossier City residents with this important service.

Your First Step Toward the Perfect Contact Lenses in Shreveport

If you’ve never been fitted for contact lenses in Shreveport, you might be surprised by the number of variables that can influence your final selection. First and foremost, your eyes must be measured so the contact lenses will fit comfortably and correct your vision accurately. Since contact lenses sit directly on the corneas, your eye doctor in Shreveport needs to measure the corneal contours. Keratometry can give us a general idea of your corneal curvature, while another technique called corneal topography maps out every little pit, aberration or other abnormality the lenses may need to compensate for. Additionally, we will measure the diameters of your corneas, pupils, and irises.

A Variety of Options and Solutions for Your Individual Needs

Our contact lens exams don’t stop with measurements — we also need to determine exactly what type of contact lens best suits your ocular health and intended usage. For instance, generic soft contacts may do a great job for mild, uncomplicated refractive errors, but extreme prescriptions may call for RGP (rigid gas permeable) lenses, which hold their shape instead of conforming to the corneas for optimal vision correction. If you need the optical quality of RGP lenses but you also want the comfort of soft lenses, we can provide hybrid lenses with soft outer rims. Your refractive error may influence your contact lens choice as well. We may recommend toric lenses for astigmatism, for example, or multifocal/monovision lenses for presbyopia.

RGP lenses are a good option for people who suffer from giant papillary conjunctivitis since they accumulate fewer of the proteins that can irritate the eye in this condition. But if your prescription allows for it, you could also choose single-use disposable lenses to limit protein accumulation.

Do you prefer wearing contacts for days at a time, and do you have time to keep them clean? If so, we can fit you for extended-wear lenses. Scleral contacts can compensate for multiple corneal conditions such as keratoconus. We also carry the latest daily disposable lenses that provide more moisture for your dry eyes. 

Contact Your Eye Doctors in Shreveport for a Contact Lens Exam

Call 318-798-4000 for a contact lens exam with your eye doctors in Shreveport. Dr. Sam Silverblatt look forward to helping you obtain the best contacts for your vision, health, and comfort!

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