Automated Pre-Testing

Your Exam, Step 2: Automated Pre-Testing

Now that your Optomap retinal exam is complete, it is time to check your vision.  During this phase, the technician will perform a series of computerized readings, to give Dr. Silverblatt an overall assessment of your vision. Using infrared light, the MARCO M3 instrument provides a prescription of the distance between your eyes allowing for more accuracy on your glasses. It also provides the precise shape of your cornea, informing us about any astigmatism you may have. Next, a test of your eye pressure is performed.  All of these tests are pain free! 

Finally, if you currently have a pair of glasses, we will use another specialized computer called a lensometer to read the prescription.

This complete set of information about your eyes is scanned onto a specialized data card that follows you to your exam with Dr. Silverblatt.  Now, time to find out more about how we can help you with Step 3: Your Eye & Health History…

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