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About Your Shreveport Optometrist

Welcome to Silverblatt Eye Clinic! If you need an eye doctor in Shreveport, you’re in the right place. Our optometry center just got a brand new name, but we still offer the same world-class eye care and eyewear from your trusted Shreveport optometrists. Get to know us a little better before scheduling your first eye exam at Silverblatt Eye Clinic.

Whether you have a refractive error to correct or an eye condition to treat, you need an eye doctor who will keep track of every symptom and slight change. Dr. Sam Silverblatt follow the latest advances in eye care technology, from diagnostic equipment to protective lenses, in order to truly minimize your risks. Their mission is to exceed your expectations while protecting your eyes and eyesight as much as possible.

Locations Served 

If you live close to Shreveport, come to Silverblatt Eye Clinic for your optometry needs. Our clinic is situated in a convenient corner of southeast Shreveport, across the highway from two major shopping centers. Thanks to our central location, our eye doctors in Shreveport have patients throughout Caddo Parish. Our optometrists proudly serve Bossier City, Minden, Lake View, and the surrounding towns and cities in addition to our Shreveport patients.

Conditions Treated 

Refractive errors are just one example of the kinds of symptoms our patients experience at Silverblatt Eye Clinic. Eye conditions may also affect the moisture levels, pressure, coordination, curvature, color perception, and even color of your eyes. If you’re experiencing any vision changes or eye discomfort, it’s important to seek treatment from a Shreveport optometrist, in case we can intervene before further damage occurs.  

Our eye doctor treats a wide variety of acute and chronic eye conditions, including the following:

Eye Care Services 

So, how do we actually serve our patients in Shreveport? Our eye care and vision care services are personalized for each individual patient, but they always include regular eye exams with an eye doctor. If you have an eye condition or refractive error that affects the health or function of your eyes, we may recommend therapeutic treatments, products, or exercises to help prevent further symptoms and protect your eyes.

Some of our most popular eye care services include:

Schedule an Eye Exam With One of Our Eye Doctors in Shreveport!

Are you ready to put your eyes first? We’re currently accepting new patients at Silverblatt Eye Clinic. Call us today at 318-798-4000  to make an appointment with one of our eye doctors in Shreveport.

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