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Over 30 million people wear contact lenses today, and the number is growing each year. If you’re ready to make the switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses, visit  your Shreveport eye doctor, Dr. Sam Silverblatt. From the first specialty eye exam to contact care lessons, our team is dedicated to getting the right contacts to correct your vision.

Contact Lens Exams From Your Shreveport Eye Doctors

Every one of our patients gets a thorough eye examination, but when you come in for contact lenses, our eye doctor will take even more time with you. After a traditional vision screening to determine your prescription, she’ll use special tools to measure the size of your eyes and the curvature of your eyeball. Contact lenses work best when they sit flush against your eyeball, so we have to know the right size of lens to craft for you.

Once your Shreveport eye doctor knows your prescription and the size of your contacts, she’ll sit down to consult with you about which type of contact lens is right for you. You’ll reach a decision with her based on answers to her questions about your work, your habits and your lifestyle. Some of the types of contacts we carry are:

Disposable contacts, which are thrown away each night. You’ll put in a fresh, new pair every morning.

Daily lenses, also known as dailies. You wear these lenses during the day, then take them out and clean them at bedtime.

Rigid, gas permeable lenses. While these lenses might take a bit longer to get used to, they offer superior vision correction.

Hard to fit contacts, for those with unusually shaped eyes.

Specialty contact lenses such as those for patients who need bifocal or trifocal lenses

Contact Lens Benefits

Most people first consider contact lenses because they don’t like the way they look in eyeglasses. There’s no denying that a good pair of contacts can change the way you look, but that’s not the only benefit you’ll get from wearing them. You’ll get a more natural eyesight without eyeglass frames sitting in the edge of your field of vision. It will be much easier to play sports without having to worry about breaking your glasses. Contact lenses won’t fog up when you come inside from the cold like eyeglasses do. Contacts don’t slip down your nose on hot summer days, and they can even change the color of your eyes. If you’ve always wanted blue or violet eyes, we can make a pair of contact lenses that will do that.

Our contact lenses options include: 

  • Acuvue 
  • Alcon 
  • Daily disposable contact lenses 
  • Acuvue Oasys ® with Transitions™

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Over and above these minor benefits are some real medical solutions from contacts. Orthokeratotomy lenses, or Ortho-K, are lenses worn overnight. While you sleep, the lenses correct your eyesight, and it can stay corrected for up to two days. For patients who have undergone laser surgery, contact lenses can protect sensitive eyes. If you have any questions about contact lenses, call Dr. Sam Silverblatt, your Shreveport optometrists today.

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