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If you seek a lifetime of clear vision and healthy eye function, you need to make comprehensive eye exams a regular feature throughout that lifetime. Your eyes may change continuously over the years, and some of those changes may include ailments that can permanently impair your eyesight. Here at Dr. Sam Silverblatt, we want to help you help your eyes. Dr. Silverblatt can administer the exams you need and prescribe treatments as needed.

Eye Exam in Shreveport: Seven Steps to Healhier Eyes and Optimal Vision 

A comprehensive eye exam goes far beyond the simple vision tests you may have undergone from time to time in the past. We evaluate the eyes themselves, not just their ability to see. Our eye exam in Shreveport consists of seven distinct stages:

Step 1: Optomap Retinal Exam

Our Optomap retinal exam system not only gives a panoramic digital view of the inside of the eye, but it also allows us to capture that image for future comparative reference. These detailed images of the retina, blood vessels and optic nerve can reveal serious disorders such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Step 2: Automated Pre-Testing

Our automated MARCO M3 system captures essential data about your eye-to-eye distance and corneal curvature. We also evaluate fluid pressure inside the eye at this stage to check for possible glaucoma and record your current lens prescription (if any).

Step 3: Eye Health History 

Next, we will discuss your eye health history, any recent problems you may have noticed and your vision correction or eye health goals. Your eye function and basic visual acuity are tested at this stage as well.

Step 4: Optomap Review

Your eye doctor in Shreveport will go over your Optomap images with you, pointing out any potential trouble spots that might require further examination via pupil dilation and traditional viewing methods.

Step 5: Computerized Vision Exam

If you’ve always struggled with the approximate nature of traditional vision testing methods, you’ll love our TRS 5100 totally automated eye exams. This vision testing device provides a super-accurate vision evaluation so you know you’ll be getting the right corrective prescription.

Step 6: Eye Health Exam

Even with all of our advanced automated techniques and technologies, your eye doctor in Shreveport will still want to check for eye diseases and other abnormalities personally. This step helps ensure that we catch any progressive eye damage as early as humanly possible.

Step 7: Recommendations

If any problems have been detected during your eye exam in Shreveport, we can provide a wealth of treatment recommendations, from nutritional support and medications to corrective eyewear or even surgical referrals.

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Most adults should have a comprehensive eye exam every other year, or every year if you have known eye/vision issues. Schedule your next eye exam in Shreveport by calling us today at 318-798-4000!

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