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For many women, eyewear is more than just a utilitarian means of vision correction — it can be and should be, an expression of their individual style and personality. Fortunately, these days there are more options than ever for women’s eyeglasses that are as stunningly beautiful as they are effective. You’ll find a great selection right here at Silverblatt Eye Clinic. Either eye doctor in Shreveport, Dr. Sam Silverblatt can help you select the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your tastes, facial structure, and vision issues.

Women’s Eyeglasses From Your Eye Doctor in Shreveport

Styles and Shapes for Every Woman’s Face

Any eyeglasses your eye doctor in Shreveport prescribes will, of course, be crafted to address the specific refractive errors or other problems that are limiting the patient’s eyesight. But once our vision testing process has determined your current corrective vision prescription, the true fun begins — selecting your frames. Our optical professionals can provide crucial guidance in this department, starting by helping you decide what basic shape of the frame will best complement the shape of your face. For instance:

  • The classic oval-shaped face is well suited to a variety of different shapes and styles. Relatively wide, walnut-shaped frames are a good match for this type.
  • A face that is wider at the top than at the bottom will be flattered by glasses that are wider at the bottom than at the top (or rimless frames). The opposite holds true for faces that are wider toward the bottom.
  • A relatively long face needs frames that emphasize depth over width, such as butterfly frames.
  • Angular frames can make a round face look thinner, while rounded frames can make a soften the look of a severely angular face.

The sheer variety of frame styles available today can help you pinpoint the right frame shape and stylistic flourish for your Shreveport eyeglasses. The classic cat-eye frame from the 1950s, for example, offers both a complement to a triangular facial shape and a timelessly playful look. “Keyhole” frames, which feature a classic keyhole-shaped bridge, are another timeless look capable of flattering all ages of women. The color of the frames is another important consideration. If you want to emphasize your eye color, we can point you toward frames that set that color off beautifully.

Our Designer Eyewear Selection Is Second to None

Silverblatt Eye Clinic stocks an impressive lineup of frames from a variety of makers. These range from fashionable yet inexpensive models to the top-of-the-line products from the world’s leading designers. But we’re also proud to feature a variety of local frames from independent designers in our Styleyes eyewear boutique. In fact, the vast majority of our designer eyewear comes from local designers!

Find Your Shreveport Eyeglasses Here

Whatever kind of statement you want to make with your Shreveport eyeglasses, Silverblatt Eye Clinic can help you make it. Call 318-798-4000 today — or schedule an appointment through the Styleyes Facebook page!

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