Which Contact Lenses Are Right For You?

Contacts are popular with people who require vision-correction eyewear, but even though the little clear discs may all look the same, contact lenses are definitely not “one size fits all.” Our Sherveport eye doctor, Dr. Silverblatt makes sure that any person who comes through their doors looking for Shreveport contact lenses will walk away with the perfect pair that fits their budget, lifestyle, and unique needs!

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Shreveport Contact Lenses From Dr. Silverblatt

The first step in selecting the right contacts is to undergo a Shreveport contact lenses exam with our eye doctor team. Dr Silverblatt carefully assesses your vision, measure your eye shape and size, and ask thorough questions about your lifestyle and habits to help determine which type of contacts will be the most effective and comfortable for you.

We May Recommend: 

  • Rigid Gas-Permeable Contacts for superior and durable vision correction. You wear this type of contact consistently and this type of lens can help to reduce your risk of eye infection (which tends to be lower with rigid lens use compared to soft lens).
  • Soft Contacts for a more comfortable lens that will stay in place better, even during intense physical activity. Soft contacts can also be designed for extended wear, allowing you to leave your contacts in as you sleep and clean/disinfect your lenses less frequently.
  • Daily Disposable Contacts if you have seasonal allergies. Environmental allergens, including pollen and pet dander, can accumulate on the surface of contact lenses overtime (even if they are cleaned regularly). This can worsen a person’s dry, itchy, irritated eyes and decrease a person’s tolerance to daily contact lens use. Additionally, some contact lens cleaning solutions contain chemicals and preservatives that can worsen a person’s allergy symptoms and irritate the sensitive ocular surfaces. Fortunately, no cleaning solutions are required with daily disposable contacts. Instead of having to clean and disinfect your lenses every night, you simply discard your used contacts at the end of the day and put on a new pair the following morning. Many contact lens wearers also find daily disposables to be particularly appealing because of their convenience and low-maintenance, even if they don’t suffer from seasonal allergies.
  • Specialty Contacts if you have a specific eye health condition, such as chronic dry eye. Specialty contact lenses can also be customized to accommodate “hard-to-fit” unusually shaped eyeballs, or can be bi-focal or tri-focal to correct your vision impairments at any viewing distance. 

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Dr. Sam Silverblatt O.D., and Dr. Rachel Meyer-Borel, O.D., are proud to be your complete care optometrists in Shreveport, LA, currently welcoming clients from Shreveport, Bossier City, Minden, and surrounding areas. If you’re thinking about trying contacts, then get the right help with our dedicated team.

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