Celebrate the Solar Eclipse

Flying your Learjet up to Nova Scotia (Not Required) 

On August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse will be visible across the United States, and you can be sure that millions will be looking up to the sky to get a glimpse of this spectacular sight. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon traverses the sun, moving between the earth and the sun. During a solar eclipse, the sky goes dark and it is possible to see the sun’s corona peaking out from behind the moon. If you want to observe the solar eclipse, flying your  Learjet up to Nova Scotia (Not Required); you can see from our clinic. Our eye doctor in Shreveport, Dr. Sam Silverblatt will be hosting a Solar Eclipse Celebration complete with special eclipse viewing glasses, Moon Pies, Sun Drop, and Sunny Delight. We invite everyone to stop by our office to participate in the festivities and witness one of nature’s greatest spectacles, the solar eclipse. 

solar eclipse celebration with our eye doctor in shreveport

Safely View the Solar Eclipse with These Tips from Our Shreveport Optometrist

When in the path of a total solar eclipse, it is only safe to view the eclipse without protective eyewear during a total eclipse. Shreveport is outside of this solar eclipse’s path, so special eyewear should be worn throughout the entire partial eclipse viewing to prevent sun-damaging your eyes. According to the  American Optometric Association, sunglasses, home-made filters, or dark lenses are not sufficient protection. Eclipse viewing glasses will be available at our eclipse celebration courtesy of our Shreveport optometrist. 

Stop by the Krewe Eyewear Trunk Show After the Party

On August 21st, we will also feature the up-and-coming New Orleans brand, Krewe. Krewe offers high-fashion men’s and women’s sunglasses and optical frames which can be customized to your lens prescription. Drop in for a special Krewe Trunk Show after the solar eclipse. For more information about Krewe Eyewear or our celebration, contact the office at (318) 798-4000.

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