7 Contact Lens Myths Busted by Your Shreveport Optometrist

Here at Silverblatt Eye Clinic, our Shreveport optometrist hears a lot of misconceptions about wearing contact lenses, which can keep many patients feeling trapped into wearing traditional eyeglasses. Here are some common myths about contact lenses debunked by our eye doctor.

contact lens myths busted from our shreveport optometrist

MYTH #1: There’s no need to see an optometrist for colored or costume contact lenses.

You absolutely DO need to see an optometry specialist for even non-prescription contacts to ensure a proper fit even if they are just lenses to complement a costume or to change eye colors.

MYTH #2: Ordering contacts online without a prescription is safe.

This is 100 percent false. There are online retailers that sell contacts without prescriptions, but these businesses are operating illegally and often don’t follow regulations that ensure you get sanitized contacts that aren’t expired.

MYTH #3: It’s okay to share contacts with friends and family if they aren’t prescription.

Sharing contacts is an excellent way to experience infections due to cross-contamination, so our optometrist advises against doing so.

MYTH #4: People with dry eyes cannot wear contacts comfortably.

While historically true, today there are several moisturizing lenses that can be appropriate for dry eye sufferers to comfortably wear.

MYTH #5: Contact lenses are expensive.

Contacts are actually very affordable, and our eye doctor can help you choose a type that’s appropriate for your needs and within your budget.

MYTH #6: Contacts cannot be worn by those with astigmatism or multifocal vision.

Just about any type of vision issues can be corrected with contact lenses today, including once hard-to-fit cases such as myopia and astigmatism.

MYTH #7: Contact lenses pop out of the eye and get lost too easily.

Properly fitting contact lenses rarely fall out of the eyes. However, contacts that are older and those that have been allowed to dry out can easily fall out and get lost. Proper maintenance and care are essential.

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