Reasons Why You Should Visit Our Eye Doctor in Shreveport​

Silverblatt Eye Clinic is proud to announce its new name! As your eye doctor in Shreveport LA, we recommend that patients see the eye doctor at least once annually for a comprehensive eye exam. With two experienced optometrists and a caring staff, we offer the very best eye care in Shreveport. Below are some of the best reasons to see your eye doctor for an eye exam.

reasons to visit your eye doctor in shreveport
  1. Our eye exams involve more than just vision tests. Our eye exams check your eyes for eye diseases and proper eye functionality.
  2. Some eye health problems can have serious consequences. Some eye diseases show no symptoms in the early stages but can lead to blindness. In fact, cancer of the eye can even be deadly if not treated. Seeing our experienced, capable eye doctors is the best way to catch these conditions in their early stages.
  3. Clear vision is important for safe driving. Our eye exams will help ensure that you can see properly to drive.
  4. Getting your prescription updated on an annual basis helps ensure that your corrective lenses still meet your needs. If you have corrective lenses, our eye exams can help ensure that your glasses or contacts are right for your level of refractive error.
  5. Getting your eyes examined can keep you up to date on the latest advancements in eye care and eye disease treatments. Seeing the eye doctor can help ensure that your conditions are treated in the very best way possible.

We provide the following services to our patients:

Contact Your Optometrist in Shreveport!

Silverblatt Eye Clinic serves patients in Bossier City, Minden, and the surrounding areas! To make an eye appointment with your optometrist in Shreveport, contact us today at 318-771-7590.

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